This duck shoot takes place after the hunting season opens; it’s usually a half day of intense shooting.

You need to be a party of 10 to 12 guns. If you are less than 10 we could eventually complete the party.

A day begins at 9h30am with breakfast in front of a vast open fire. Your host will give you explanations about the organization of the day and the lay of the land. As the house is in the middle of the territory you will leave on foot.

A duck shoot is composed of two drives. Your hunting station will be drawn by lottery. You will be placed in a strategic spot, often very far from other hunting stations. During a period of about 40 intensive minutes the ducks will be lifted from the ponds and will fly over your head by hundreds and at all heights. Then there will follow a pleasant period of time when the hunter and his dog must search for the dead game in the water and among the reeds. If you don’t have a dog the beaters will help you with their retrievers.

At about 13h30 the ducks are placed in geometrical form on the terrace of the house and you can enjoy champagne and a delicious lunch served with first class burgundy wines. At about 15h30 the game is divided among the participants before they leave.

Important precisions:

  • You will need about 100 cartridges
  • The hunting stations are drawn by lots
  • If you are less than 10 guns we can complete the line
  • The probable game count is 12 to 14 birds by gun
  • Individual kennels cans be provided for your dogs
  • You are expected to tip the guide

Hunting season:

From the 3rd Sunday of September to the 31st January.