A driven rough shoot is organized for a line of 10 – 12 guns. If you are a group of fewer than 10 guns we can complete the line.

We cast lots for pegs. Your dogs are welcome but must be kept under control. When you are at your peg your dog must remain on a lead until the final call.

The organization of the day

The rendezvous is at 9am for breakfast in front of the fire. When everybody is ready your host will take you outside and give you explanations. You will be required to draw lots for your first drive. Accompanying friends are welcome. All movement between drives takes place in a motor drawn vehicle.

At each drive the beaters make the birds fly towards the line of guns. During the day there are 6 to 7 drives and one duck shoot. At midday there is champagne and lunch is served in the dining room with first class burgundy wine.

In the afternoon shooting continues until 18h when refreshments are served and the game count takes place. The game is distributed among the participants.

Important details:

  • You will need about 80 cartridges
  • Pegs are drawn by lot(s)
  • If you are less than 10 guns we can complete the line
  • The probable game count is 12 to 14 birds per gun
  • Individual kennels cans be provided for your dogs
  • You are expected to tip the guide

Hunting season:

The season usually opens the 3rd Sunday in September and closes on 28 February